Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Where is the studio located? Is there parking available?


The Write Your Song studio is situated in Sunderland's artistic business district, Sunniside (see map at the foot of this page). We operate out of the old Mind charity building, on the very top floor. The studio is a 5 minute walk from Sunderland city centre, where you can find many coffee shops and restaurants, as well as The Bridges shopping centre. There are two private car parks very close to the studio, as well as several options in the city centre.

Address: 14 Norfolk St, Sunniside, Sunderland SR1 1EA



Q: Who owns the songs? What will the royalty split be?


A: In regards to "The Full Package" the standard royalty split on all songs will be %60/%40, in favour of Eddie Scott, for "Zoom Advice Sessions" this is slightly less, at 50%. Should you choose to use the Write Your Song service this will all be explained in as much detail as you'd like, a huge motivation for starting this up was to ensure everyone was treated fairly, and that every step of the process was as transparent as possible. You must agree to these splits to use this service and a contract will be sent out prior to any session to confirm this, should you disagree before the session takes place you will be entitled to a full refund. This contract is legally binding and can not be disputed once the session has started and subsequently concluded. This can be a complex area when it comes to songwriting, so please don't hesitate to get in touch if you'd like to discuss the full ins and outs of the legal side of things. 


Q: Will I be able to send my demo to radio stations, or put it on streaming services (i.e. Spotify)? 

A: In all honesty this will vary depending on what kind of song you're working on, again this is something that can be discussed in depth before you commit to the service. Generally speaking, the demo probably won’t be at the standard expected to achieve radio play or stream on Spotify etc., but could by all means be uploaded somewhere as an example of how you sound as an artist. The aim of the demo is to take it to a producer/recording studio who could then polish it up into a full track! We will also provide an instrumental backing track of the song, so you can sing along at home or in vocal lessons.


We do have producers and studios that we work with, so would happily point you in the right direction and discuss how much this might cost. 


Q: I already write songs and just need a little help adding some finishing touches to my ideas, could you help me with this? 


A: Absolutely! Check out our Zoom Advice Sessions, they have proved popular for exactly this reason. If you have any further questions you can always send an email before committing to pay any money.


Q: Can the songwriting sessions take place online or do they have to be in person? 


A: It really depends on you as an artist and a musician, Zoom sessions are possible but they only really work if you can play an instrument to accompany your vocals. The slight delay that video calls cause is a real issue if you’re trying to sing along to what the other person is playing! Shoot us an email about your specific circumstances and we can discuss it, but as a rule of thumb writing in the studio in person is always preferred. 


Q: How much of a say will I have in how the song sounds?

A: This is entirely up to you, you can have as much or as little say as you would like really. Eddie is a professional songwriter and has worked with singers and artists of all abilities and confidence levels, from artists who know exactly the sound they’re looking for, to some who just have a very rough idea about what type of things they’d maybe like to sing about and even some that have no ideas at all! This is an entirely bespoke service that will differ from artist to artist.

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