What is "Write Your Song"?

Check out this short video from chief songwriter Eddie Scott to learn a little more about what we do!

A bespoke songwriting service from songwriter and musician, Eddie Scott, we want to help you write your song. We will discuss how you want your song to sound, listen to some of your favourite artists and discuss what sort of story you would like your song to tell, ensuring that in the end you have a song that you are truly proud to call yours. 


Professional songwriter Eddie Scott will be there every step of the way, guiding sessions and making sure that your voice is heard, leaning on his many years of experience to help unlock your songwriting potential!


You don’t need to have any experience in songwriting to get the best out of this service, we really just want you to be part of the discussion and be the voice behind what kind of artist you want to be!

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Joe Hammill

(Lucy Spraggan, Cattle and Cane)

"Eddie has a great sense of musicality that really lends itself to songwriting. He knows where to take songs structurally and musically, which is such a vital skill in songwriting! I'm looking forward to seeing and hearing what he's up to over the next few years!"

"Eddie Scott's musicianship and talent for songwriting together with his warm, supportive and collaborative approach make a winning combination.  I truly believe "Write Your Song" is the missing link for so many cover singers becoming the original artists they've dreamed of being."

jodie nicholson.jpg

"Eddie’s one of my favourite people to co-write with - he’s down-to-earth, super easy to chat to, an absolute chord wizard and has the ability to turn pretty much any topic into a catchy, memorable hit. Songwriting is a chill, pressure-free, fun experience with Eddie, even if you’re completely new to songwriting and/or co-writing! You’ll be in good hands."

Julie Miles

(Vocal Ovation, The Voice, America's Got Talent)

Jodie Nicholson

(Singer-Songwriter, BBC Radio 1, BBC Radio 2)